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a driven entrepreneur with roots in San Diego, Detroit, and my current home in beautiful Scottsdale, ARIZONA. My work has earned recognition in esteemed news outlets such as Arizona's Family and Arizona Daily Mix, and I've had the privilege of collaborating with remarkable brands.

My foray into the beauty industry began in 2018 when I launched Glow Blow Bar. Fueled by a lifelong fascination with hair, the aim was simple: make quality blowouts accessible to all. Unfortunately, due to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Glow Blow Bar had to close its doors in February 2021.

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adversity often leads to innovation, and it led me to the world of body contouring. As someone who's grappled with weight management, this path felt like a natural fit. When I embarked on my journey as an entrepreneur, I never envisioned that body contouring would become my calling.

Yet, I'm genuinely delighted that life brought me here.

Body contouring, a non-invasive method that boosts self-confidence, has become my passion. It aligns perfectly with my belief that everyone should feel empowered. With House of Contour, my primary goal was to provide accessible body confidence without resorting to surgery. I am deeply passionate about the efficacy of these treatments. Working with remarkable people and witnessing life-changing transformations is a dream come true.

I relish the opportunity to meet incredible individuals daily, forging personal connections with each of my clients. Empowering people, both inside and out, holds a special place in my heart. I firmly believe in promoting empowerment, especially for women. Join me on this remarkable journey, and let's uncover your confidence together. The happiness I see in clients who say, "Wow, I can already see a difference!" is what keeps me inspired.

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